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Do you have a broken boiler or an old inefficient boiler? Are you concerned about the high cost of a replacement boiler or repairs to your existing one? Don’t worry, we are here to offer you the most up to date information about boiler grants, replacement boiler schemes, central heating scrappage schemes, local council and any government funded initiatives that could help you heat your home and replace your old boiler.

With the current economic climate in the UK more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their energy costs and improve the energy efficiency of their home.What a lot of people don’t know, is that there is help available for the people and families who need it most. Local Authorities and the government have specific budgets to help people who are suffering with fuel poverty, or struggling to heat an inefficient home. Boiler grants are available, and people are getting them on a daily basis. Its not just a new boiler that a grant can be awarded for, but you can also get an insulation grant, microgeneration grant, solar panel grants and much more.

You will find all the information you need about boiler grants right here.

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Boiler Grants in London

Boiler Grants in London   RE:NEW is the name of a scheme developed by the Mayor of London, London Councils, The Energy Saving Trust and over 30 London Boroughs. The scheme aims to improve the energy efficiency, cut fuel bills and lower CO2 emissions throughout London.   What is on offer from RE:NEW All residents …

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Know someone that needs insulation? British Gas will give you £50 to ‘Share the Warmth’

British Gas are offering to pay you £50 if you refer someone to them that needs insulation improving to their home. The offer does only refer to people on certain benefits, and we have listed them below. The offer is not limited to how many people you can refer, for everyone who has insulation installed …

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Boiler Grants in Hampshire

Below you will find information not just about boiler grants, but also relevant information about energy efficiency, free insulation offers or boiler replacement schemes in your local Hampshire area. We have tried to keep the information on this page relevant to Hampshire and its towns and cities, but please don’t forget there are national Government …

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What is Fuel Poverty?

There are three key elements used to calculate fuel poverty, this is income, fuel prices and fuel consumption. In the UK you would be considered to be in fuel poverty if you spend more than 10% of your household’s income on heating your property. For example, if your household annual income is £10,000, and the …

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What is Green Deal?…Your questions answered

What is Green Deal? Green Deal is an innovative new government scheme due to be launched in the UK in 2012. The scheme will allow UK homeowners to obtain significant energy saving improvements to their home. These upgrades in energy efficiency could include a boiler replacement, wall insulation or double glazing. The scheme is part …

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